Why CeraVe
Deserves The Hype It’s Getting

As one of the most favourite skincare brands around the world now, CeraVe boasts a comprehensive line-up of skincare products developed in conjunction with dermatologists, aimed at restoring the skin barrier. 

Why CeraVe Deserves The Hype It's Getting | KSFBEAUTY

First of all, yes, the packaging design of CeraVe products is definitely not the prettiest. Nobody is going to look at a bottle of CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion and think, “Oooh so aesthetic, now that looks like something I need.”  


But hey we don’t judge a book by its cover, and boy does this book have something to offer!

If you have had dry skin and have visited the dermatologist or any doctor, then you are probably familiar with CeraVe. It has been known for many years to be the go-to moisturizer brand for everyone, regardless of if they have dry or oily skin.

Not only is CeraVe affordable but it is also insanely good at what it is supposed to do. However, recently we have started to recognize the brand for how good it is. From Tik Tok to YouTube, everyone has started swearing by the brand and with very good reasons as to why.


Why People Swear By CeraVe?

Why People Swear By CeraVe | KSFBEAUTY

Now there are many reasons why CeraVe is so great and has all this hype. First of all, it works. And anything that does its job, is automatically a favourite.

CeraVe is something that not just beauty gurus, but dermatologists would recommend to add to your skincare routine because of the effectiveness of its products. It does not matter what kind of skin type you have because of how versatile its products are. There is something to offer in their product list for all skin types.


Ceramides in CeraVe | KSFBEAUTY

The entire line of CeraVe products contains ceramides in them which are essentially what we need for our skin barriers to retain moisture. Ceramides are fats found in the top layer of the skin that are more than half of our entire skin’s composition. So you know it is very important if you want your skin to be healthy.

If you are looking for a secret fountain of youth, well that fountain is called ceramides. Because of the Sun and from ageing, our skin’s barrier gets weakened and we need to use products like CeraVe’s to help strengthen the barrier again. This leaves the skin looking plump and smooth even as we age.

No wonder why their products are so great at ensuring that our skin is able to stay hydrated.

It's Affordable

Afforadable CeraVe Products | KSFBEAUTY

Why does effective skincare have to be pricey? All of us would probably rather spend our money on something effective that does the same job than the overpriced skincare we are told would magically transform our skin.

CeraVe is a drugstore brand so it is also really easily accessible. You do not need to wait for days after ordering it online from another country, you can simply head on over to a local online or physical store and get yourself some good old CeraVe products.

And we all know how fast these bad boys sell out so knowing that a drugstore might also be having stock, that is a major Hallelujah moment.

No Added Scents

Model Using CeraVe Product | KSFBEAUTY

There is no extra fancy-schmancy scent of roses or perfume in all of the CeraVe products. Many of us are probably aware by now of the fact that added scents in skincare products are unnecessary and only irritate the skin. As long as a product does its job and our skin looks bomb, who needs to smell like they drowned themselves in perfume?

Our Top Picks From CeraVe

Over the years of CeraVe pushing out new products, they have had their fair share of hits and misses. Of course, not everything about the brand is perfect but there are some really amazing gems that will help make your skin look flawless.

Based on the reviews that these products have gotten over time and the kind of effects they have had, we picked some top products that could really make a difference to your skin.

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Cream
CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Cream Benefits | KSFBEAUTY

This is an OG moisturizer if you have dry skin and for a very good reason.

It contains Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, also better known as a combination of coconut oil with glycerin. This is a super stable ingredient that helps a tremendous amount when it comes to hydrating the skin. Another ingredient we want to spotlight is hyaluronic acid which is a sugar that the body naturally produces, mostly found in the fluid around the eyes and joints. As we age, the production of this decreases which is why it is useful to add it to a skincare routine.

Sometimes a struggle we tend to have is worrying about irritating the skin or whether a product will react with something and leave our skin irritated. However, this moisturizing cream is very gentle and effective to use on the skin.

It also promotes healing in the skin so you can say goodbye to any dryness in the skin. Another issue we face with moisturizers is that they tend to be greasy when applying so the skin feels heavy.

This moisturizer is luckily not greasy and absorbs into the skin well to give you all the hydration you need. It contains dimethicone which helps in that smooth application you feel when using cream and keeps the cream from feeling heavy when it sits on your face.

Plus as an added bonus, it does not just work on the face alone. That’s right, you can use this cream all over your body! Totally worth it.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream | KSFBEAUTY


Daily Moisturizing Cream

Barrier-restoring cream that replenishes ceramides and locks in hydration.